Careers at Croquet

Croquet is an LA-based start up that’s building tools for real time collaboration on the web. Our worldwide reflector network allows developers to create real time multiuser apps that run on any web platform without writing any server code. We’re still small, but we’re growing rapidly and we want to expand our team to take advantage of the increased interest in our platform.

As a company, we’re profoundly committed to both diversity and a healthy work-life balance. We think people are more productive when they’re happy and rested, and we think the best way to build products that serve a wide audience is to have employees who come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and personal experiences. If these are values you share, we encourage you to apply to join our team!


Croquet is looking for an engineer to work with our customers to help them build collaborative applications using the Croquet tools. The job will involve writing sample apps, troubleshooting the work of our customers, and providing general developer support.

The ideal candidate has professional experience with JavaScript coding and the wider JS ecosystem. They are familiar with web development tools and bundlers, and they understand what’s required to release production-quality web apps. They have strong communication skills, and the ability to quickly adapt to working with other developers.

Send a resume to ( with the subject line “Developer Relations Engineer”.


Croquet is a software system for creating multiuser digital experiences on the web. It lets you build real time multiuser apps without writing a single line of server code, or deploying or managing any servers. Croquet consists of a JavaScript library that grants access to our global network of public reflectors.

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