Meet the Croquet Advisors

Alan Kay
Mentor, Advisor
Alan is the father of the personal computer. He conceived the Dynabook concept which defined the conceptual basics for laptop and tablet computers and E-books, and is the architect of the modern overlapping windowing graphical user interface (GUI). He also defined the concept of messaging-based object-oriented programming. Alan was one of the original designers of the current Croquet system.

David participated in the early development of TCP/IP (Alan Kay refers to him as the “slash” in TCP “slash” IP) and was the designer of the UDP protocol. He was one of the co-authors of the “end-to-end principle”, which is the basis of the Internet. He is also known for “Reed’s Law”, his assertion that the utility of large networks, particularly social networks, scales exponentially with the size of the network. David was one of the original designers of the current Croquet system.
David P. Reed
Advisor, Croquet Co-creator

Avi Bar-Zeev
Avi has been a pioneer, architect and advisor in AR/VR/MR for 30 years. In 1999, he co-founded the company behind Google Earth and subsequently helped define Second Life’s core technology. Working behind the scenes in the world’s largest tech companies, he helped found and invent HoloLens at Microsoft and he built the first prototypes for what is today called the “AR cloud.”

Jeffrey Smith is an international CEO, investor and time-tested entrepreneur, who has delivered three decades of global P&L leadership in enterprise software, AI, digital imaging and environmental engineering across the US, Europe and Asia. In all of his companies, he has achieved impressive earnings growth through comprehensive organic expansion and strategic M&A, driving 30+ strategic transactions in 13 countries. As a CEO and principal, Jeffrey grew and successfully exited Flight LanData (sold to NASDAQ: KEYW), Gensym (NASDAQ: GNSM), Praim Technologies SpA, and SVI Asia.
Jeffrey Smith
Board Member

Dan Ingalls
Advisor, Co-founder
Dan is a pioneer of object-oriented computer programming and the principal architect, designer and implementer of five generations of Smalltalk environments. He also invented BitBlit, the general-purpose graphical operation that underlies most bitmap graphics systems today, and pop-up menus.

Ken Perlin was founding director of the NYU Media Research Laboratory and also directed the NYU Center for Advanced Technology from 1994 to 2004. Perlin has served as the director of the Future Reality Lab since it was established in 2017. He was the System Architect for computer generated animation at Mathematical Applications Group, Inc. 1979-1984, where he worked on Tron. He has served on the Board of Directors of the New York chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Software Industry Association. His invention of Perlin noise in 1985 has become a standard that is used in both computer graphics and movement.
Ken Perlin

Asif Awan
Board Member
Asif Awan is an experienced entrepreneur and a technologist, with a keen eye for identifying early market signals for disruption, and a passion for solving challenging problems. He founded Layered Insight (acquired by Qualys) and Plursona (acquired by HPE) to create pioneering solutions in the container and mobile security domains. He's currently focused on solving some challenging problems in the Deep Learning domain.


Croquet is a software system for creating multiuser digital experiences on the web. It lets you build real time multiuser apps without writing a single line of server code, or deploying or managing any servers. Croquet consists of a JavaScript library that grants access to our global network of public reflectors.

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